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Detroit Car Accident Law Firm

What We Do

Our main focus is helping clients who have suffered loss or injury due to car, motorcycle, or trucking accidents.

Our Reputation

Our law firm was established in 2001 and since then we have represented many clients and negotiated and settled many cases successfully.

Our Clients

All our efforts and resources mainly go to building our cases and ensuring that our clients get the best possible result for their case.

Welcome to Detroit Car Accident Law Firm. We are one of the best and most respected law firms specializing in personal injury cases. Our specialty is personal injury cases related to car and other vehicle accidents. Our lawyers are highly qualified and ready to help you get what you deserve. Detroit Car Accident Law Firm is your answer to getting the best possible resolution for your personal injury claims.

Our Lawyers

Our lawyers give equal amounts of attention to all active cases. No-one is less important than another client. We work hard to research and investigate your situation and the accident that happened. We make sure that we gather all the information and evidence and we stay in constant communication with you to make sure you know what is going on. We deal with all the paperwork, the insurance company, and the opposition. All you have to do is focus on the well-being of your family.


Free Consultation

At Detroit Car Accident Law Firm, we offer a free first consultation. You can come to our offices or we can meet at your home, depending on your circumstances and needs. During this consultation, we find out what happened, what your claim is, what you expect as an outcome, and any other relevant information. Based on the information, we tell you what to expect and what will be a realistic outcome for your specific case. After the consultation, you can decide whether our firm is the right one for you.


Our Promise

Our firm and all our lawyers promise to give only the best possible service to all our clients. We promise to take you seriously, be compassionate and understanding, do as much preparation and research as we can, and handle your case with respect and care. We promise to work to get you the best possible outcome.

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